Hospitals, Health centres in Ha Nam
1. Hanam provincial general hospital
Add: Truong Chinh, Minh Khai ward, Phu Ly town.
Tel: 851228

2. Hanam tuberculosis hospital
Add: Me Noi, Liem Chinh, Phu Ly town.
Tel: 856648

3. Dermatology health centre - Leprosy hospital
Add: Nguyen Viet Xuan street, Phu Ly town.
Tel: 855517

4. Psychiatry hospital
Add: Tien Thang ward, Ly Nhan district.
Tel: 876-741

5. Leprosy hospital
Add: Ba Sao ward, Kim Bang district.
Tel: 828-193

6. Precaution health centre
Add: Truong Chinh, Minh Khai ward, Phu Ly town.
Tel: 851150

7. Phu Ly town health centre
Add: Le Loi street, Luong Khanh Thien ward, Phu Ly town.
Tel: 851150

8. Binh Luc district health centre
Add: Binh My town, Binh Luc town.
Tel: 860-044
Bo De consultation-room: 865-280
Trang An consultation-room: 861-691

9. Duy Tien district health centre
Add: Hoa Mac town, Duy Tien.
Tel: 830-006
Dong Van polyclinic: 835-288
Tien Hiep polyclinic: 838-289

10. Kim Bang district health centre
Add: Que town, Kim Bang.
Tel: 830-006
Ba Sao polyclinic: 828-076
Thanh Son polyclinic: 820-478

11. Ly Nhan district health centre
Add: Vinh Tru town, Ly Nhan district.
Tel: 870-043
Central polyclinic: 870-042
Cau Khong polyclinic: 879-086
Chinh Ly polyclinic: 874-148
Nam Ly polyclinic: 876-740

12. Thanh Liem district health centre
Add: Non town, Thanh Liem district.
Tel: 887-090
Pho Ca polyclinic: 888-002
Kien Khe polyclinic: 880-186
Pho Dong polyclinic: 887-185

13. Mother-child health protection centre - Provincial family planning
Add: Truong Chinh street, Phu Ly town.
Tel: 852235


1. Phu Ly town pharmacy
Add: Group 7, Luong Khanh Thien award, Phu Ly town.
Tel: 854878

2. Cho Song pharmacy
Add: My Trang An slop, Binh Luc district,
Tel: 861-832

3. Pharmacy No  3
Add: Voc market, Vu Ban, Binh Luc district.
Tel: 865-113

4. Tang Pharmacy No 3
Add: Tang street, Thanh Huong, Thanh Liem district.
Tel: 880-072
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